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Chinese Insect Wax

White wax insect or pe-la insect with alias of “wax insect” is one of Chinese distinctive insect resources. It belongs to Insecta and dioecism insect. The white wax secreted by white wax insect is high-quality animal wax with melting point as high as 81-82°C. The wax is widely applied in chemical & pharmaceutical industry due to its harder quality together with whiteness color, good transparency, stable physical & chemical capability, strong coagulating power, odourlessness, tasteless & lubricating.
Breeding of white wax insect & collecting of wax flower:
  1. Collecting:
It is the necessary & sufficient guarantee for increasing white wax’s production to combine superior seed worn, vigorous host plants & management technology with each other, The wax insect should be picked from the tree, know as “pick insect”, when the insect grows up between Grain Rain and Summer Begin.
  1. Unfolding & drying in the shade:
After seed insect being picked, put it on the mat lined with a layer of clean paper in a shade, airy, dry & cool room and have it unfolded and dried.
  1. Wrapping worm:
To wrap 1-5 worms into a group by the leaf of tung tree, straw or the leaf of corn after most trigamous worms hatch.
  1. Hanging & management of white seed insect:
After more than 80% wrapped larva having hatched, hang them on the host plants to that insect can parasitizes on them and secrets wax. Scientific management is needed to guarantee yield.
  1. Collecting & processing of crude wax;
After 100 days from the time of male worm being hung on & climbing on the host tree, it is time to collect the crude wax. After collection, have the crude wax processed by unique techniques. In general, 100kgs wax flowers can produce 80-120kgs crude wax.

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