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Synthetic Wax series

Synthetic Wax is a kind of compound with fixed physical & chemical characters. The wax has many distinct characters surpassing natural waxed while it possesses the main characteristics owned by many kinds of natural waxed. Synthetic wax can be mixed with natural waxes at any proportion. It can also be blended into most other components entirely and form special usages.
  1. Candle-making wax: to be used for making clean & smokeless candle, natural ritual candle and no-contaminated natural candle;
  2. Textile wax: to be used as anchoring agent and adhesive agent for clearstarching, glazing & finishing agent, lubricant and water-proofing agent as well as batik & wax printing;
  3. Polishing wax: to be used for leather, car furniture and floor glazing as well as metals polishing;
  4. Printing wax: to be used for making stencil plate, high grade printing ink carbon paper and printing ink;
  5. Gum-base wax: to be used as other industrial gum bases and stuffing except chewing gum;
  6. Paper-making wax: to be used for making packing wax paper, high glaze coating paper, laminated paper, insulating paper and carbon paper;
  7. Leather-processing wax: to be used for making black polishing paint, shoeshine, leather retreading agent and leather softening emulsion;
  8. Paint-making wax: to be used to making paint, paint thickening agent and glossing agent;
  9. Shoeshine wax: to have soft wax came into shine hard wax by adding elements, to be used for making paste form shoeshine, emulsified shoeshine and liquid shoeshine;
  10. Insulating wax: to be used for making electronic components and electrical insulating materials;
  11. Potting wax: to be used as anti-acid corrosion agent and carrier of colorant;
  12. Model wax: to be used for making waxworks, wax model and wax articles of artistic industry;
  13. Plastic-processing wax: to be used as smoothing agent & mold releasing agent in blowing molding & plastic extruding of plastic industry;
  14. Casting wax: to be used for making mould;
  15. Acid proofing & antirust wax: to be used as surface shielding coating material.

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