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Peach Gum

Peach Gum is a natural colloid, it is similar with arabic gum and could be used to make PS Plate gum. It is a polyose natural gum extracted from the material water-soluble secreted by the peach trees, cherry plum and apricot etc, because of the epidermis damage for all kinds of reason.
Specifications:1) Purity: 99.5% min.  2) Moisture: 10% max. 3) Total ash: 3.0% max. 4) Acid insoluble residue: 0.5% max. 5) pH: 5-7 6) Viscosity: 50-200cps 7) Arsenic: 3ppm max. 8) Lead: 10ppm max. 9) Total heavy metal: 20mg/kg max. for powder and 40mg/kg max. 10) Starch or dextrin: negative 11) Tannin acid gums: negative
(1)Foodstuff industry:to be used in beverage, essence,
 juice, beer, cakes, bread, dairy products, chocolate, bubble gum and other
 products. it is the natural thickener, suspending agent, adhesive, film
 former, glazing agent and stabilizer
(2)In industry, peach gum powder can be used for packing in light industry, protection of printing plates, core of color pencils, mini powder, ceramic decals, fireworks, pigments, powder metallurgy, magnetic materials and cosmetics.