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Synthetic wax

Synthetic wax is a kind of compound with fixed physical & chemical    characters, it has good glossiness, high melting point, shallow colour and     luster.  The wax has many distinct characters surpassing natural waxed while it possesses the main characteristic owned by many kinds of    natural waxes. Synthetic wax can be mixed with natural waxed at   any proportion. It  can also blended into most other components entirely and form special usages.
  1. Polishing wax: to be used for leather, car, furniture and floor glazing as we as metal polishing;
  2. Candle-making wax: to be used for making clean & smokeless candle, natural ritual candle and no contaminated natural candle;
  3. Paper-making wax: to be used for making packing wax paper, high glaze coating paper, laminated paper, insulating paper and carbon paper;
  4. Casting wax: to be used for making mould.

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