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Polymer wax

Polymer wax is also called soft wax possesses stable physical and chemical characters, such as good permeability, high melting point, good
permeability and oil solubility.
The wax has characteristics of damp proofing, anti corrosion, cementation, cementation, and can be used in different  industry such as pharmaceutical, foodstuff, leather, paper-making,   culture& education, etc.
(1)The wax possesses water resistance, anti-rust property, corrosion resistance, slip resistance, mechanical stability, good flexibility and adhesion, so can be used for production of lipid material.
(2)The wax can be used in the petroleum jelly, grease, grease, special wax, hemp core wire rope grease, surface grease and other products.
(3)The wax can add various kinds of wax products to improve the hardness, adjust the melting point, adjust viscosity, increase product toughness, crack and seal oil content.
(4) The wax possesses good thermal stability, insulation and better stick relay, so can be used for cable filling.
(5)The wax is a special asphalt waterproofing material, also can replace APP, APAO. It has good waterproof, strong cement strength, water resistance, acid and alkali resistant, cold resistant, antifreeze, not brittle, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, etc.

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