Beeswax series
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Yellow Beeswax

Yellow Beeswax
Beeswax is natural animal wax, a kind of organic compounds that worker secrete from wax gland with pollen and nectar scent. Beeswax is a fatty material secreted by eight wax glands lying on abdomen of worker bee. Bee uses it for constructing beehives and sealing the nests.
Beeswax is the widely applied animal wax in the modern industry.
1. Characteristics
  1. The company has unique refining process, bleaching, and deodorization original deodorization of products;
  2. Good compatibility. Mutual dissolvability with other natural waxes;
  3. Natural white & yellow refined beeswax produced in good conditions of melting, filtering, shaping and packing;
  4. Low-acid-value beeswax is an ideal product to be used to make cosmetics, such as depilatory wax, due to its stronger adhesiveness.

2. Application

  1. Daily use cosmetic industry: widely to be used for making cream, vanishing cream, lipstick, pomade, eyebrow pencil, eye shadow, etc. due to its excellent adhesiveness, permeability, emulsification state and smoothness;
  2. Foodstuff industry: to be used as the roasted oil and the mould releasing agents in the oriental & western snack and confection processing due to beeswax’s superior flexibility, mould ability, stable dispersibility ability of forming thin film, water proofing, damp proofing and oxidation resistance;
  3. Medicine industry: widely to be used as the encapsulations of Chinese medicine and the base material of ointment;
  4. Others: to be applied to the industry of electric power, electronic, printing, leather, oil solutions, paper & candle making etc.