Micro Wax series
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Micro Wax

1. Brief introduction:  Micro wax is odorless, tasteless and white amorphous solid wax. It is a kind of long chain hydrocarbons with high boiling point, and is obtained by solvent extracting & chemical processing the residue after oil is fractionated. Its main constituent rely mainly on C31-70 branched chain saturated hydrocarbon and be accompanied with a little annular branched chain hydrocarbon. Micro wax with melting point at 60-85°C can dissolve mutually with any kind of mineral wax, vegetable wax and hot fatty oil. The wax with bigger granule has the property of tractility, no frangibility at high temperature, preventing oil separating out when mixed with liquid oil. Micro wax with melting point at 77-80°C has tractility and is similar to soft ozokerite while the wax with melting point 88-90°C is hard one and it’s appearance looks like Montan wax (Lignite wax).
2. Application
  1. To be used as glazing agent for paste form products;
  2. To be used as anti-rusting agent, impregnating agent of packing material, coating for keeping fruit fresh, and to be used for making carbon paper and candle;
  3. To be used for making lipstick, ointment, balsam and hair creams in cosmetic industry;

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